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Dawn on Suzushima Island(Suzushima-no Yoake) | People in an area recommend Kumano Kodo 100 selection

Dawn on Suzushima Island(Suzushima-no Yoake)


Odd-shaped rocks and the rising sun on Suzushima Island

On Suzushima Island in Miwasaki, Shingu City, colonies of warm-weather coastal plants are found, and the colonies of these plants on the island, together with those on neighboring Kushima Island, are designated as a “Natural Monument of Shingu City.” The scenery of the morning sun rising behind the odd-shaped rocks on Suzushima Island is truly breathtaking.


Miwasaki, Shingu City
Season / Time zone
Spring Summer Autumn Winter / Sunrise
Weather conditions
Frequency of appearance


10 minutes’ walk from JR Miwasaki Station

Recommended spot

Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine > JR Nachi Station