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Lighting Up Hashigui-iwa Rock(Hashigui-iwa Light Up) | People in an area recommend Kumano Kodo 100 selection

Lighting Up Hashigui-iwa Rock(Hashigui-iwa Light Up)


Fantastic Night View Heritage

In Kushimoto Town, every year for three days in early November, around 40 small and large rocks that form Hashigui-iwa Rock Formations and the surface of the sea are lit up colorfully. In 2017, this view was acknowledged as one of Japan’s Night View Heritages.


Kushimoto Town
Kujinokawa, Kushimoto Town
Season / Time zone
Autumn(November) / Night
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy
Frequency of appearance
Once a year


Take the Kumano Kotsu Bus and get off at “Hashigui-iwa”[橋杭岩] stop.

Recommended spot

JR Kushimoto Station > JR Koza Station