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Baika-oren(baika oren) | People in an area recommend Kumano Kodo 100 selection

Baika-oren(baika oren)


White Flowers that Tell the Coming of Spring

Baika oren (Coptis quinquefolia) is of the buttercup family, and blooms with small, white flowers along the Kumano Kodo route from January to February. The shape of the flower is similar to Japanese apricot flower (baika), thus the flower is named “baika-oren”.


Hongu-cho, Tanabe City
Season / Time zone
Winter(January,February) / Daytime
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy Rainy Others
Frequency of appearance
According to seasons


Various spots along the Kumano Kodo route


Recommended spot

Tsugizakura-Oji Shrine > Kumano Hongu Taisha Grand Shrine