Dawn at Kamikura-jinja Shrine(Kamikura-jinja-no Yoake)


"Shintai" (the body of a deity) colored by the golden light of sunrise

Kamikura-jinja Shrine, which is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, serves as an auxiliary shrine of Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine, and its “shintai” (the body of the shrine’s deity) is considered to be contained in a gigantic rock called the “Gotobiki-iwa Rock.” The shrine sits on a place that can be reached by climbing a steep flight of 538 stone steps. From the shrine, you can see the morning sun bathe the urban areas of Shingu City and the Kumano-nada Sea with light as it rises above them.


Shingu, Shingu City
Season / Time zone
Spring Summer Autumn Winter
Weather conditions
Frequency of appearance
According to weather


30 minutes’ walk from JR Shingu Station

Recommended spot

Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine > JR Nachi Station