Nejiki Cedar Tree in the rain(Ame no Nejiki no Sugi)


Deep into the mysterious legend

The Nejiki Cedar Tree is associated with the Anchin Kiyohime Legend. Kiyohime chased after Anchin, who broke his promise and fled from her. At this place, Kiyohime found Anchin was far ahead of her, and twisted the cedar branches in mortification (Nejiki means “twisted tree”). On rainy days, one can feel the mysterious atmosphere related to the legend even more deeply.


Central Tanabe City
Ueno, Tanabe City (Nejiki-toge Pass)
Season / Time zone
Spring Summer Autumn Winter / Daytime
Weather conditions
Frequency of appearance
According to weather


90 min. on foot from “Nagaoguchi” bus stop. Bus service for Nagaoguchi is available from JR Kii-Tanabe Sta. on weekends.

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