Frozen Nachi Waterfall(Itetsuku Nachi-no-Taki)


Nachi Waterfall freezing in cold weather

Even though the Kumano region has a warm climate, in the early morning when the temperature is extremely cold, Nachi Waterfall may freeze. The surfaces of the rocks around the waterfall turn white, and some sections of the basin become covered with ice. * Ordinary visitors (any unauthorized individuals) are not allowed to go near the basin of Nachi Waterfall. (Special permission was obtained to take the photos on this page.)


Nachikatsuura Town
Nachisan, Nachi-Katsuura Town
Season / Time zone
Winter / Morning
Weather conditions
Others(Extremely cold early in the morning)
Frequency of appearance


Get on the Kumano Kotsu Bus at JR Kii-Katsuura Station or at JR Nachi Station, and get off at “Nachi-no-Taki Mae”[那智の滝前] stop.It is 5 minutes’ walk from the stop.

Recommended spot

JR Nachi Station > Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine