"Myogo Monument" at Kusu-no-Kubo Lodging Remains(Kusu-no-Kubo Hatago-ato-no Myogo-ishi)


"Myogo Monument" that watches over travelers

There used to be about a dozen of lodgings in the Kusu-no-Kubo area of the Nakahechi route’s Ogumotori-goe Section in the olden days, and it is said that the area was constantly crowded with travelers. If you look up at a slope located one level higher than the level of the ancient trail, you can find a large stone stele covered with moss called a “Myogo Monument” (a stone monument on which Buddha’s or Bodhisattva’s name is engraved as a prayer to Buddha). On this stele, you can see Chinese characters that read “Namu Kanzeon Bosatsu” (“Kannon Bodhisattva”). If you see this monument entwined in thick vines, you may even feel a little overwhelmed by its dignified appearance.     


Oyama, Kumanogawa Town, Shingu City
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60 minutes’ walk from Koguchi Shizen-no-Ie[小口自然の家] Lodging

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