Godzilla-iwa Rock and Omega-shaped Sunrise(Godzilla-iwa and Daruma Asahi)


Omega-shaped sunrise behind an odd-shaped rock formation

Benten-jima Island, situated on Nachi Bay in Nachi-Katsuura Town, looks just like Godzilla when viewed from the coast near JR Kii-Temma Station. When the morning sun appears behind this island, you may feel like you are watching a scene from a movie. Early on an unclouded morning when it is very cold, you may even have a chance to see an omega-shaped sunrise (called “daruma asahi” in Japanese).


Nachikatsuura Town
Temma, Nachi-Katsuura Town
Season / Time zone
Winter / Sunrise
Weather conditions
Frequency of appearance
According to seasons


2 minutes’ walk from JR Kii-Temma Station

Recommended spot

JR Kii-Uragami Station > JR Nachi Station