Nachi-no-Ogi Matsuri (Nachi Fire Festival)(Nachi-no-Ogi Matsuri (Nachi Hi Matsuri))


Blazing flames of torches dance wildly.

The Nachi-no-Ogi Matsuri (Nachi Fire Festival) is the major festival of Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine, and is held on July 14 every year. The highlight of this annual festival is an sacred event that takes place in front of Nachi Waterfall. During the event, to purify the approach to the shrine, men dressed in white slog up and down a flight of stone steps with blazing, large torches in hand as they loudly chant, “Haria ! Haria !”


Nachikatsuura Town
Nachisan, Nachi-Katsuura Town
Season / Time zone
Summer(July 14) / Daytime
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy
Frequency of appearance
Once a year


Get on the Kumano Kotsu Bus at JR Kii-Katsuura Station or at JR Nachi Station, and get off at “Nachisan”[那智山] stop. From the stop, walk 10 minutes to Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine or Nachisan Seiganto-ji Temple.

Recommended spot

JR Nachi Station > Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine