Text Written in Sumi Ink (India Ink) near the Tonda-zaka Slope Teahouse Remains(Chaya-ato-no Bokusho)


300-year-old text remaining on the surface of a large rock

Located a short distance away from the Tonda-zaka Teahouse Remains is a large rock on which you can find a myogo (text that indicates the name of Buddha or a Bodhisattva, sometimes accompanied by some extra passages) written in sumi ink (India ink). The year “Shotoku 2” (1712) can be confirmed in the text, and it starts with a passage that reads, “This rock is considered a deity.” It is filled with religious words such as “pilgrimage” and “Amitabha Buddha.” When this text, covered with ferns, was discovered in 2007, it still appeared very crisp and black; however, it has now worn off somewhat and become much less clear.


Tsubaki, Shirahama Town
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105 minutes’ walk from JR Kii-Tonda Station

Recommended spot

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