Mitsuba Azalea of Nagai-zaka Slope(Nagaizaka-no Mitsuba-tsutsuji)


Mitsuba Azalea tunnel lends color to the Kumano Kodo

Nagai-zaka Slope is a mountain pass surrounded by a natural grove of trees such as Quercus phillyraeoides (Fagaceae). In some parts of the pass, Mitsuba Azalea (Ericaceae) blooms to form a tunnel. The full-blown pink flowers stand out against the clear blue sky.


Mirozu, Susami Town
Season / Time zone
Spring(Late April - early May) / Daytime
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy
Frequency of appearance
According to seasons


60 min.on foot from JR Mirozu Sta., 130 min.on foot from JR Susami Sta.

Recommended spot

JR Susami Station > JR Mirozu Station (Nagai-zaka Slope)