Ocypodid crabs (Ilyoplax pusilla) on Suzushima Island(Suzushima no chigogani)


Dancing on a mudflat

On a mudflat on Suzushima Island, there are many burrows of ocypodid crabs. When the tide is out, they come out of their burrows all at once, eat, and dance, waving their white claws. It is fascinating to see many crabs dancing in the same rhythm.


Miwasaki, Shingu City
Season / Time zone
Spring Summer Autumn Winter(July - August) / Daytime
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy Others(low tide)
Frequency of appearance


Fifteen min. on foot from JR Miwasaki Sta.

Recommended spot

Kumano Hayatama Taisha Grand Shrine > JR Nachi Station