Umantani Castle Ruins(Umantani-jo Ato)


Ruins of a yamajiro (castle built on top of a mountain) and a series of tatebori (vertical trenches made to defend a castle)

Takase Yogaisan Castle, also known as Umantani Castle, is said to have been built by a vassal of the Atagi clan, who had a powerful influence on the Kinan region (a southern part of Wakayama Prefecture) in the Middle Ages (15th–16th centuries). It was located on top of a mountain that is around 90 m tall, from which you can have a full view of the Tonda Plain. Numerous lines of long tatebori (vertical trenches) built for defense are one of the notable characteristics of this castle.


Tonda, Shirahama Town
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It is 50 minutes’ walk from JR Kii-Tonda Station to the top of the mountain where Umantani Castle used to stand.

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