Japanese Ligularia (Ligularia japonica) at Mikagawa River(Mikagawa no hankaisou)


Yellow flowers that add color to Kumano Kodo

At the Mikagawa River, a tributary of the Hiki-gawa River running through Ago in Shirahama Town, visitors can observe Japanese Ligularia, a perennial plant belonging to the Asteraceae family, growing in clusters from May through June. They are large flowers growing from 60 cm to 1 m high that add a yellow color to riverbanks and Kumano Kodo.


Shirahama Town
Ago, Shirahama-cho
Season / Time zone
Summer(May,June) / Daytime
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy
Frequency of appearance
According to seasons


Near Mikagawa[三ケ川] bus stop of Shirahama Community Bus (reservation required; bus services suspended on Sundays and holidays). For a bus reservation, please contact Shirahama Daiichi Koutsu (0739-42-2916).


Recommended spot

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