View from Nabeare-toge Pass(Nabeare Touge no Tenbou)


View from a pass watched over by a jizo statue

This area is said to have been called Nabeare-toge Pass because Ippenshonin’s follower, while cooking a hot-pot (nabe), broke the pot due to evaporation of all the water in the pot. Nabeware Jizo (literally, pot broken jizo statue), which was named after this folklore, is looking the scenery with a gentle facial expression.


Mikoshi, Hongu-cho, Tanabe City
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A forty five-minute walk from Funatama-jinja Shrine branching point of Akagi-goe Section, and a 90-minute walk from Yunomine Onsen

Recommended spot

Branching point of Akagi-goe Section > Yunomine Onsen(Akagi-goe Section)