Monument Commemorating the Completion of the Culvert in Ago Village(Ago Ankyohi)


Underground drain built in the Edo Era (1603–1868)

In the Jingu-ji area, located 3 km upstream from Ago in Shirahama Town, you can find an underground drain called the “Culvert in Ago Village,” which was built around 200 years ago. It has a height of 2.7 m, a width of 1.2 to 1.8 m, and a total length of 273 m. From its exit to farmlands in Ago, the water was then carried through an aboveground channel. In 1805 (year Bunka 2), after six years of hard work, a village headman (or “shoya“) in the region finished the construction of this culvert, to which he had put his own money. A monument that honors the contributions of this village headman sits at the Misuwa-jinja Shrine, which you can find along the Ohechi route.


Ago, Shirahama Town
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Take the Shirahama Town Community Bus and get off at “Ago”[安居] stop. (Reservation needed. The bus does not operate on Sundays or public holidays.) It is 3 minutes’ walk from the stop.

* To make a reservation to ride the Community Bus, please call the Shirahama-daiichi-koutsu (0739-42-2916, Japan).

Recommended spot

JR Kii-Tonda Station > Ago Ferry Crossing ("Ago-no-Watashi") Remains