Distant View of Nachi Bay(Nachi-wan Enbo)


Sunlight rays shining on Nachi Bay

In the middle of the Nachisan Skyline, a roadway that connects Mt. Nachisan and Mt. Myohozan, you can find the Nachisan Observatory, which has been selected as one of the “100 Best Places for the Sunrise and Sunset in Wakayama Prefecture.” Nachi Bay, which you can look over from the Observatory, constantly varies in appearance as the season, weather, and time change.                                                                                                                                                                                              * If you are visiting Myohozan Amida-ji Temple by walking the Kakenuke-michi path of the Nakehechi route, you can go to a lookout spot (called “Tsukimigahara”) in the precincts of the temple, another site from which a full view of Nachi Bay can be enjoyed.                          


Nachikatsuura Town
Iseki, Nachi-Katsuura Town
Season / Time zone
Spring Summer Autumn Winter / Sunrise Morning Daytime
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To the Nachisan Observatory: 10 minutes by car from the Nachisan Parking Lot.                                                                                                                   To Myohozan Amida-ji Temple: From Kumano Nachi Taisha Grand Shrine or Nachisan Seiganto-ji Temple, follow the “Kakenuke-michi” path of the Kumano Kodo’s Nakahechi route – 70 minutes’ walk.      

Recommended spot

Kakenuke-michi path