Aquatic Plant in the Tawara Wetland(Tawara-shitchi-no Mizukusa)


Green plant swaying in the water current

The Tawara Wetland has been chosen as one of the “500 Important Wetlands in Japan.” If you look into a water channel that runs along the walking trail, you can see a kind of aquatic plant swaying in the water current. The plant is Sparganium erectum (branched bur-reed). Since wetlands have been whittled away throughout Japan, the areas in the country that this plant inhabits have also decreased.


Tawara, Kushimoto Town
Season / Time zone
Spring Summer Autumn Winter / Daytime
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy
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20 minutes’ walk from JR Kii-Tahara Station


Recommended spot

JR Koza Station > JR Kii-Uragami Station (Shimizu-toge Pass Trail)