Bow-shaped Dike View from Kumano Kodo(Kodo-kara-miru Kojo-ganmyaku)


Bow-shaped dike at Karekinada coast viewed from Hanchiku

On the Nagai-zaka Slope, there is a Kodo trail called “Hanchiku” (rammed earth). It is considered that this trail was developed with an embankment to form a hilly land as a drainage divide and maintained on the same level in order to prevent the landslide due to rain. From the trail, visitors can overlook a part of the bow-shaped dike called “Takahama Senjojiki”.


Mirozu, Susami Town
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50 min. on foot from  JR Mirozu Sta., 140 min. on foot from JR Susami Sta.

Recommended spot

JR Susami Station > JR Mirozu Station (Nagai-zaka Slope)