Signpost with a carved finger pointing the way to Yunomine at the Akagi-goe Section(Akagigoe no Yubisashi Dohyo)


Unique signpost with a carved finger pointing the way toward Yunomine

On the way to and from Yunomine, Hongu Town, Tanabe City and Hosshinmon in the Akagi-goe Section, there is a unique signpost with the shape of a finger carved on it. Since it is said to have been erected at a crossroad along the Kumano Kodo in 1855, in order to show the direction to Yunomine, it also shows that people in the olden days also had a sense of humor, didn’t they?


Kubono, Hongu-cho, Tanabe City
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A 30-minute walk from Yunomine Onsen


Recommended spot

Branching point of Akagi-goe Section > Yunomine Onsen(Akagi-goe Section)