Asarum nipponicum (Wild Ginger) at "Nanamagari" ("Slope Consisting of Seven Turns")(Nanamagari-no Kan-aoi)


Green-colored species of Asarum found on an ancient trail during the winter season

Asarum nipponicum (wild ginger) belongs to the family Aristolochiaceae, and is a perennial plant that grows under trees in mountainous regions. In forests in coastal areas of the Kinan region (a southern part of Wakayama Pref.), from winter to early spring, this plant produces dark purple flowers, each with a diameter of about 2 cm, and those flowers bloom as if they were adhered to the ground. You can find Asarum nipponicum about midway along the Tonda-zaka Slope walk.


Tsuzurabuchi, Shirahama Town
Season / Time zone
Spring Winter(January - March) / Daytime
Weather conditions
Sunny Cloudy Others
Frequency of appearance
According to seasons


80 minutes’ walk from JR Kii-Tonda Station


Recommended spot

JR Kii-Tonda Station > Ago Ferry Crossing ("Ago-no-Watashi") Remains