View from the Top of the "Nanamagari" ("Slope Consisting of Seven Turns")(Nanamagari-no Tenbo)


Taking a rest after climbing up a steep, rough slope

After about a 1 km walk along the forest trail from the Ichiri-matsu Mound Remains, you will reach the entrance to a slope called “Nanamagari” (meaning “slope consisting of seven turns”). Since olden times, “Nanamagari” has been known as one of the most challenging sections on the trail, yet once you reach the top of this slope, you can enjoy a wonderful view from there and your fatigue will be relieved. According to legend, an imp-like creature called “Kashambo” lived around this area. There are some old stories related to this creature; for example, a woodcutter once had his lunch box and tools stolen by Kashambo.


Tonda, Shirahama Town
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70 minutes’ walk from JR Kii-Tonda Station


Recommended spot

JR Kii-Tonda Station > Ago Ferry Crossing ("Ago-no-Watashi") Remains